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“Liberty of the press…is a curb, a bride…a shame, and a restraint to evil ministers and it may be the only punishment, especially for a time.  Truth will always prevail over falsehood.”              
Liberty of the Press, 1733, John Peter Zenger [acquitted of the charge of seditious  Libel, in a cornerstone trial during the colonial era], Editor The New York

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Foundations of Freedom
The education and solutions you have been looking for.
for PDF presentation click here  (33.4 MB)  
This pdf presentation will explain how & why this nation got where we are and answer your questions on how to re-populate the Republic with an living Constitution.
It took us 200 years to get here and we have been brainwashed since youth.  Take the time (an hour or so) to watch this slide show and learn the solution.

This PDF file with 220 slides will take a minute or two to open, plus one & a half hours to watch.
Please be patient.  You, your children & your nation are worth this little amount of your time.

Foundations of Freedom The education and solutions you have been looking for.

Many have been looking for a peaceful solution to the run-a-way government.  We have found that solution and invite you to read, listen and watch the information provided here.  Most are aware of the problems.  We will not tell you of this conspiracy or that threat, because we look up to the solution, not down at the problems.  By focusing on the solution, the problem is solved.

There are many groups/organizations across this land that speak of the problems and address one or two of them, but what is the holistic solution?  The Irish have been fighting the British for centuries with no success.  Yet, Gandhi freed India from British rule through peaceful resistance.

Lawful solution lies in unitypeaceful assembly.   Americans need to come together, set aside differences and unite as we did in the original colonies and counties.

United we stand – divided we fall. 

A republic is the Framer’s original design.  Today one is taught in school that a republic and a democracy are the same.  A look at the root words reveals:  “interest of the public” versus “to rule the people”.

Within the pages of this newspaper/post for the assembled men and women on the republic, the goal is to help one understand the true problem and the solution – how to assemble into a peaceful reckoning force.

The Republic is the Remedy



This flag has been adopted by many assemblies across this great land as our symbol of peace, thus: the Civilian Flag of 2010 A. D.  We come in peace, but we stand united.  Example of flag motion for an assembly to consider.

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